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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment


The Process

We are providing a high specification service with outstanding results that can only be achieved in a factory environment . So with a lot of research we found a company that can provide the high standards we and our customers expect.

Wheel Stripping

To start the process the tyre is removed from the wheel using attention to detail on the position and rotation of the tyre. It is recorded with the customers details.

The tyre is checked for wear and tear, if it is deemed unsafe and illegal the customer is informed as illegal tyres are not refitted. The customer can either supply replacements or competitively priced ones can be arranged.

The wheel is then checked for cracks, bends and buckles if they are deemed beyond repair the customer is advised, any extra work of possible costings will be advised at this stage.

The wheel is stripped of stick on decals, weights and valves. Wheels with tyre reassure sensor equipment are marked for correct replacement.


Chemical Stripping

To remove all the old lacquer, base coats, primer coats as well as brake dust the wheels are immersed in a chemical solution. This can take several hour depending on the number of original paint layers.

To remove chemical residue the wheel is placed in an aqueous wash machine and flash dried.

The wheel is now free of all contaminants.


Blast Cleaning

The wheels are then blast cleaned leaving a perfectly keyed surface ready to accept primer paints. This machine gently massages the wheels without any degradation of the fine profiling and essential lettering.


Repair to Damaged Surfaces

The wheel being completely clean can now be assessed for any damage to the surface. Damaged areas are next filled with aluminium weld and re-worked to make it back to the original profile and shape.


Pre Heating

The wheels are heated for up to 30 minutes to remove all trapped air in the microscopic pores within the alloy. Ensuring a superior finish when the paint is applied


Powder Primer

The wheel is completely coated with a powder primer using the state of the art powder gun technology. Leaving a robust, ultra smooth base coat. To form a strong resilient coating the wheels are reheated to make sure the powder primer cures.


Application of Colour

The same high quality paint that is used by the top wheel manufacturers across Europe is applied. With in-house water based mixing capabilities the colour choice is endless, restricted only by your imagination. Colour matching available.


Final Coat

Finally a robust coating of powder lacquer is applied to completely protect from the elements. The wheel is then returned to the oven to ensure the coat is fully cured with a crystal clear finish.


Sample batch of finished wheels


Refitting the tyres

The tyres are put back on the wheels once they have cooled. Tyres are able to be refitted up to 24" diameter and 11" wide. They are then balanced with the weights on the inside of the wheel.

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