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Engine Detail Treatment

The engine is one of the most expensive components of your vehicle. It may even be the reason you purchased the vehicle in the first place so it makes sense to make sure it looks as good as it sounds.

  • All sensitive and electrical components wrapped to protect during treatment.
  • Warm water rinse to loosen dirt particles.
  • Gtechniq W5 Citrus APC ph neutral degreaser applied to engine and underside of bonnet and left to dwell for 5-10 minutes. During which will be agitated with various brushes. Ensuring all dirt,grime,grease and soot removed.
  • Thorough rinse with warm water.
  • Engine dried using air blower to ensure all cavities completely water free.
  • Engine dressed using Swissvax Motor Shine, sealing the engine, its aggregates, ignition wires, hoses, etc, protecting them from corrosion, moisture, salt and water splashes. Motor Shine is heatproof, remains permanently flexible and keeps engines looking as new.
  • All visible metal (Aluminum, Chrome, Chrome Plated, Nickel and Brass) polished using Swissvax Metal Polish, removing residues, rust and oxidation effectively and gently. Producing a high gloss finish and offering effective long-term protection from the elements.
  • All painted areas under bonnet and within the engine bay polished using Scholl Concepts, The Rock Handmade Carnauba Wax.
  • Hinges and catches oiled to ensure smooth operation.

Time Scale 3-6 Hours

Price From = £120

Booking Required

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