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Fabric Treatment

Protect Fabric Seats & Upholstery From Stains

Fabric seat covers and carpets are highly susceptible to staining from accidental spillages, sun creams, oils from our skin, foodstuffs and even mud, so it's imperative to offer fabric upholstery protection from these contaminants.


Gtechniq , home of Smart Surface Science combine nanotechnology and antibacterial expertise to thoroughly clean fabrics and provide comprehensive, long-lasting protection.

Unlike regular coatings the nano particles of I1 coat the individual fibres of fabric, leaving the 'breathability' and feel of the fabric unaffected. The former means that stale air can still escape but at the same time repelling any water or oil based liquids. Being solvent based ensures a much deeper penetration of the active ingredient giving an I1 treated surface much better durability and overall performance. Typically an I1 treated surface will outlast conventional water repellent coatings by a factor of approximately x5 with durability on soft-tops for example, lasting as much as three years.

Time Scale 4-6 Hours

Price From = £60

Booking Required

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